March 8, 2016


Neighbours logoNEIGHBOURS COMMUNICATIONS'Capture your territory'

A principle that largely entails in marketing is ensuring that other businesses and residents of any locality are fully aware of whatever goods, services and ideas that one 'deals/ trades'' in and critically patronise said ideas, services and goods.

How: a business services catalogue will be published by our company – 'THE HOST", that provides a one-stop reference point to readers thereof for those brands available in the immediate neighbourhood.

The benefits to be reaped are enormous;

1. The creation of awareness of your services in the entire community and the chance for these to be sampled, repeat purchase encouraged and ultimately, strong loyalty thereto attained.

2. The option of fashioning your services to the needs of each member of the community.

3. The real opportunity to reach beyond your immediate community as many households therein, whose members work outside it, would recommend your services to others outside your business community.

4. The ability to service the community's needs at very low cost given the proximity of clientele.

5. The networking platform in your access to services you yourselves might need with the speed of delivery thereof of these being very close at hand.